Happy New Year!!

First post of the new year. Let me start by apologizing to anyone harassed from my Facebook page. My credentials were compromised in a different breach from an authors site and even though I discovered the compromise within 15 min of its occurrence, Facebook’s inept support and security still allows the hijack to stay in place. I am not sure I will re-establish a Facebook presence if such poor security remains in place and I encourage any of you to NOT utilize their credentials for other sites as they encourage you to, in my case that would have been disastrous.

Book 4 of the Ranger series is way behind schedule but is nearing completion. I may post another chapter in the coming weeks as a penance for making you wait.  Like most of you, I am looking to 2022 to be a much better year and am considering new material of the science fiction nature for a series, we shall see. There is a book 3 in concept for the Dowry series and book 7 for ALICE, all I need is time to write!

Here is hoping your 2022 is everything you are looking for!!!


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