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Welcome to my all new website. Why, do you ask, did I need a new website? Well lets just say I was trying to fix some issues with my original website (one I created as a learning experience) and I destroyed it. Let us all hope this effort proves a little more stable.


  1. Charles,
    Do you like to hear about potential errors in your books?
    I seem to be good at finding things.
    I left an earlier note on good reads, but I found something else.

    I am now reading ALICE – 9.
    In chapter 9 Sara is riding with her abductors.
    When they first approach the stadium she figures out what it was.
    “She was sure that at some time in the past, it was a kind of sports arena.”
    In the next paragraph you say almost the same thing.
    “Eventually, they turned and headed up a roadway that led straight to what Sara was sure was, at one time, some former stadium.”

    This probably got missed in editing,

    1. Yes I am always open to input like this!! As an indie I walk the fine line between what a traditional editor costs vs what I can afford so readers assistance is very welcome.

  2. just wanted to say it was great that you named one of the squadrons after my own, I was in VF84 from 1987 until 1991

  3. AL:ICE is a great set of books. I enjoyed them a lot and continue to enjoy them as a kind of white noise when I sleep.

    My only nit was that projectile weapons don’t work in space. They do as they have their own oxidizers.

    1. Yes that was news to me at the time, the latest edition of the book explains Jake was unsure of their abilities and thus went for a sure thing 🙂 Thanks for the feedback. I should have known better as I was well aware they work underwater.

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