Happy New Year!!

First post of the new year. Let me start by apologizing to anyone harassed from my Facebook page. My credentials were compromised in a different breach from an authors site and even though I discovered the compromise within 15 min of its occurrence, Facebook’s inept support and security still allows the hijack to stay in place. I am not sure I will re-establish a Facebook presence if such poor security remains in place and I encourage any of you to NOT utilize their credentials for other sites as they encourage you to, in my case that would have been disastrous.

Book 4 of the Ranger series is way behind schedule but is nearing completion. I may post another chapter in the coming weeks as a penance for making you wait.  Like most of you, I am looking to 2022 to be a much better year and am considering new material of the science fiction nature for a series, we shall see. There is a book 3 in concept for the Dowry series and book 7 for ALICE, all I need is time to write!

Here is hoping your 2022 is everything you are looking for!!!



  1. You had talked about posting the second chapter of the book because of delays in writing. Have you decided to not dobthat?

    1. Yes I did, didn’t I. so I was just getting ready to do that this weekend and I had an inspiration that made a character change that required me to go back to the beginning and make some significant edits. fortunately, those edits started about chapter 5 so keep an eye out, I will be releasing Chapter 2 in the next few days and no changes to Chapter 1 were made.

      As for a total release date, I am getting very close to finishing the book, and should be story complete in a few weeks and well before April. Artwork’s done, so all I really need at that point is grammatical and punctuation cleanup and it can go out. Fingers crossed.

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