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Welcome to my all new website. Why, do you ask, did I need a new website? Well lets just say I was trying to fix some issues with my original website (one I created as a learning experience) and I destroyed it. Let us all hope this effort proves a little more stable.


  1. Charles,
    Do you like to hear about potential errors in your books?
    I seem to be good at finding things.
    I left an earlier note on good reads, but I found something else.

    I am now reading ALICE – 9.
    In chapter 9 Sara is riding with her abductors.
    When they first approach the stadium she figures out what it was.
    “She was sure that at some time in the past, it was a kind of sports arena.”
    In the next paragraph you say almost the same thing.
    “Eventually, they turned and headed up a roadway that led straight to what Sara was sure was, at one time, some former stadium.”

    This probably got missed in editing,

    1. Yes I am always open to input like this!! As an indie I walk the fine line between what a traditional editor costs vs what I can afford so readers assistance is very welcome.

  2. just wanted to say it was great that you named one of the squadrons after my own, I was in VF84 from 1987 until 1991

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